Developed by our CMMI Level 3 development center, our solutions employ the latest technical architecture, including distributed caching, event sourcing, big data and predictive analytics, etc., aiming to provide high quality products that are also flexible, fast, and portable.


Our software development process is audited by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and has obtained CMMI Level 3 certification, signifying our emphasis on product quality. While most brokerage software in the market is single instance, our solution is fully clustered and load-balanced.  Therefore it is the dealing platform of choice for highly regulated financial institutes such as licensed banks.


All system modules are loosely coupled under proven development frameworks, allowing rapid deployment of new product features, business rules, and infrastructure configurations. The design of our dealing platform further minimizes the need for disk I/O and is at least 3 to 4 times faster than other similar platforms.


Our solution comprises mainly of in-house developed components supported by open source software, hence the whole solution is independent of any vendor-specific software, reducing the total cost of ownership and eliminating the risk of lack (or end) of vendor support.